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“Kaputt” – Swarovski & Jean Paul Gaultier new collection.

Published on October 2, 2015, in Uncategorized.
Aptly named “Kaputt” (the German word for “broken”) this exciting new collection consists of two Pendants and three Fancy Stones in rich, shimmering metallic colors that riff on irregular forms, break with conventions and celebrate the appeal of being different and unpredictable.
MAIN LAUNCH Fall/Winter 2016/17 DESIGNER EDITION Swarovski Jean Paul Gaultier Kaputt collection Crystal Scarabaeus Green
Scintillating somewhere between the hypnotic, otherworldly shimmer of the scarab and the bright green of tarnished copper, Crystal Scarabaeus Green was developed as a perfect match for the Kaputt Collection. It, too, was a flash of inspiration from Jean Paul Gaultier, who closely followed the development of this stunning new effect with its green, blue and purple metallic luster.

You can view prices in the our shop online or at the our agency in the Järveotsa Shopping Center (Õismäe tee 107, 13515 Tallinn), where you can directly buy too.
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